The historiography of Wallsee begins in Roman times, where below the current market place the remains of an auxiliary fort- 160 x 200 metres was found. The Roman period of Wallsee lasted for about 300 years:

The Roman auxiliary troop camp
Since the discovery of the fort in 1966 the questions, why a Roman fort had been built in Wallsee was often asked. Excavations in the last 10 years show, that it is likely that a powerful Germanic tribe had settled in the area a long time ago. In order to strengthen the limes (border) the Romans built an auxiliary troop camp which had dimensions of 160 x 200 meters, and was home for up to 1000 soldiers at the time.

Schloss Wallsee: Like many other medieval castles the first castle of Wallsee was built in the place of a former Roman camp. Today’s castle was first built between 1368 and 1388 by Heinrich VI von Wallsee. The castle had many different owners throughout the centuries. From 1859 on it was owned by Archduchess Marie Valerie, daughter of Emperor Franz Joseph and Elisabeth, with her husband Archduke Franz Salvatore. The castle is still family owned and not for publicity available.